Subject: Language, Social Studies, and Math

Instructional Designer: Sarah Andera

Unit Goal and Description:

The students will learn about the family at the beginning of the year as we celebrate Grandparents Day on September 10, 2000. Different aspects of family traditions, customs, and geographic locations of family members will be studied in Social Studies. Students will learn about graphing and story problems related to family in Math. In Language, students will read and write about family topics.

Goals/SD State Standards:


(Reading) Use text organization and prior knowledge to make predictions and comprehend information in various content areas.

(Reading) Identify the main incidents of the plot, their causes and how they influence future action.

(Reading) Use reference tools to manage information.

(Writing) Write in response to information from various sources to develop personal understanding.

(Writing) Write to explain ideas presented or discussed in various content areas.

Social Studies

(Geography) Use appropriate maps for a specific purpose, including elevation, land use-resource, road maps and mileage tables, time zones, and migration/movement patterns.

(Civics) Analyze the actions and rights of a responsible citizen, such as obey rules (classroom, family, community), the use of conflict resolution and compromise, voting rights, property rights, civil rights, and human rights.

(Civics) Compare the changing roles and cultures of the individuals role according to gender, age, and occupation in various groups, such as family, community, and socia.l class structure.

(Civics) Analyze the design and purpose of various patriotic celebrations, traditions, customs, and symbols, such as the flag, the Great Seal, Statue of Liberty, Uncle Sam, Mount Rushmore, and Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.


(Statistics) Interpret and analyze data from graphical representation and draw justifiable conclusions.


Day Activities Content Areas
Day 1


*Do a KWL chart (find out what the students know about families)

*Brainstorm families (use Inspiration CD)

*List family names

*Draw a picture of their family (if time permits)

Social Studies

*Introduce map skills (Social Studies Book)

*Preview Chapter 2 Lesson 1 (People From Many Places)

*Discuss Vocabulary Words (10 words from Lesson 1)

Special Reading

*Students fill out worksheet on family members

*Using people cut-outs, students make a picture graph of their family

*Students compare and contrast classmates family graphs

Language, Social Studies,

Technology, Art,


Day 2


*Review family names

*Preview The Relatives Came

*Make predictions on the beginning, middle, and end of the story

*Discuss the characters, setting, plot, and author of the story

Social Studies

*Review Vocabulary words from Chapter 2 Lesson 1

*Begin reading Chapter 2 Lesson 1

Language, Social Studies
Day 3


*Review family names

*Discuss Vocabulary words taken from The Relatives Came

*Introduce family tree on Inspiration CD

*Students make family tree on paper

*Continue during Special Reading

Social Studies

*Review Vocabulary words from Chapter 2 Lesson 1

*Continue reading Chapter 2 Lesson 1

* If finished, do map skills worksheet on Grandparents

Language, Social Studies,


Day 4


*Review Vocabulary from The Relatives Came

*Students individually read The Relatives Came

*Introduce activity-Interview grandparent or family member

Social Studies

*On a map, find Cambodia from Chapter 2 Lesson 2

*Discuss Vocabulary words from Chapter 2 Lesson 2

*Read Chapter 2 Lesson 2

Special Reading

*Review Social Studies Chapter 2 Lesson 2

*Make a Venn Diagram comparing and contrasting the students family and Nary's family

Language, Social Studies
Day 5


*Review The Relatives Came

*Students brainstorm ideas on their families coming to visit or they go to visit a relative

*Students write a book about their experiences

Social Studies

*Review Chapter 2 Lesson 1 & 2

*PowerPoint quiz

Special Reading

*Introduce Acrostic poems

*Students make Acrostic poem of word Grandpa, Grandma, or Grandparents

Language, Social Studies
Day 6


*Review Interview criteria

*Students put their answers in Amazing Writing Machine (writing software)

*Students practice reading them to their classmates

Social Studies

*Students discuss what President their Grandparent remembers

*Students list all the Presidents

*Students preview Elections unit with discussion of Presidents

Language, Social Studies,Technology
Grandparents Day Celebration *On the day of the celebration, students will meet with their grandparent or "foster" grandparent we will bring in from the Deaf Community

*The school will have a celebration in the Library with all the grandparents from the entire school.

*A digital camera will be used to take pictures of the students and their grandparents

Language, Technology



*Rubric (knowledge of Vocabulary words)

*Rubric (read the story)

*PowerPoint quiz (Social Studies Chapter2 Lesson 1 & 2)

*A completed family tree

*A completed family picture

* A completed Venn Diagram


Prior, Learning Interests, Misconceptions and Conceptual Difficulties

What student needs, interests, and prior learning are a foundation for this lesson or unit?

*The student will need to know the family unit and how it is set up. The student also needs to know about how families migrate. The student will learn more about their family during this unit.

What conceptual difficulties might students have?

*Family migration, heritage, and family trees will be discussed thoroughly during the unit.

How will the lesson or unit address these?

*The students will have hands-on activities as well as discussion and teaching for all of their difficulties.


Materials and Resources



*Crayons, markers, etc.


*Digital Camera

*World & USA map


Books and Other Familiar Resources

*The Relatives Came by Cynthia Rylant

*Grandparents Thematic Unit by Deborah Plona Cerbus and Cheryl Feichtenbiner Rice (Teacher Created Materials, Inc.)

*Social Studies Book (Text 300, States And Regions, Harcourt Brace and Company)

*PowerPoint software

*Inspiration software


Community Resources

*Deaf "foster" grandparents

*Family members from the students' family


Technology Resources



*Digital Camera